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In a city such as Berlin, with more than three million inhabitants, there is naturally a great number of taxis at one’s disposal. is a small taxi operator located in Berlin; its network is comprised of independent taxi drivers whose wish it is to provide you with the best possible service. We will collect you from any airport as well as from your home/hotel. You can rely on us to bring you to your chosen destination safely and punctually. Do you have several appointments or is your planned journey going to take longer than expected?zertifikatklein Relax and allow our experienced chauffeurs to drive you to your destination. You are welcome to pay by credit card or if agreed beforehand, by invoice. allows you to easily pre-book your taxi online, after which you will receive a confirmation email. In our taxis you will be chauffeured in great comfort and style, usually in a Mercedes-Benz model. For journeys within Berlin you will only be required to pay the normal Berlin taxi tariff. However, for those traveling outside the Berlin area, e.g. to Potsdam or Hamburg, prices can be agreed upon. Naturally we only operate with official licensed taxis whose driving licenses allow the carriage of passengers. These are approved and issued by the responsible Berlin authorities. master_visa_amex-1